• April 2013 Announcements

    This month sure has been busy thus far. We are warming up to the idea of Ning 3.0 as I do more coding on our test site. For those who want to take a peak, Click Here. I have made my plea to Ning to allow members a background image and color palette. We'll see if they consider it or not. If you are a member of the Creators site, please feel free to respond to my discussion HERE and let Ning know your opinion. Until then I guess I am set to create "Cover Images" for the new Ning sites.   Click…

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    Started by AnGella in Announcements 1 Reply
  • RE: Ning 3.0 | We Need to Hear from You!

    Hiya Guys and Gals!   In the past month we have been faced with the news of Ning making a MAJOR change to the platform we are currently on. NING 3.0: THE RE-IMAGINING OF OUR PRODUCT. This affects ALL Ning sites our members are currently on. Not only will it effect Network Creators, but it will effect members in a way that will effect this site as well, like dominoes. We are at a crossroads where our future is concerned. We want to know; Should we stay or should we go?   On one hand, this could…

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    Started by AnGella in Announcements 3 Replies · Reply by Marie Bolt Oct 24, 2013


  • My Perspective on the Ning Platform

    My concern is that these are bad business decisions that are going to effect every one on Ning and I can't recommend it to clients as reliable. I will work with Ning users, but I will not recommend the platform to a client. It's a grand idea but reliably unreliable.
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